Soon you can have one of the most popular NPCs in Eso as a roommate players are flipping

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In The Elder Scrolls Online comes in early September a very special NPC as a house guest in the shop. Nobody is less than the infamous khajiit m’aiq of the liars. How to get the cat with the cryptic spells in your house and how the community responds to him is here to find out mymmo.

What a NPC is that? Recently, the shop offers in ESO were presented for the month of September 2021. Among them was also at the end of the list a new home guest name M’aiq the Liar.

This is a mysterious khajiit, which always appears randomly and gives cryptic things. So he seems to know about all sorts of stuff that he either can not know or who are actually references to peculiarities of the game.

For example, he comments on the peculiarity of ESO to limit inventory only through space in the backpack and no longer by weight, as in former games of the series. Or, that you can never swim out on the open sea in ESO, because one always eat the slaughter fish.

What are home guests in ESO? House guests are a special form of pets in Eso. They came in 2020 with Update 27 into the game and if you have a home guest, you can put it as a kind of interactive decoration in a house in Housing. The house guest then runs after a previously defined paths in your house and if you speak the NPC, he gives his sayings to the best.

Why is every Elder Scrolls fan M’aiq know? M’aiq The liars is not only famous for his confused sayings in Eso. Anyone who gambled any Elder Scrolls game of the last 20 years should have met the Khajiit sometime, because he has been a strong component of all games of the series since Morrowind, from the year 2002.

And in every game he impresses with his sayings and dubious wisdom. So he complains that in Skyrim could not be blocked with two weapons or gives in Morrowind a truly disgusting recipe to the best, which guarantees the undead.

Players already get credit cards out – Shut Up and Take My Money!

How does the news arrive at the players? On reddit (via reddit), the announcement of M’Aiq triggered as a home guest great pleasure. Even players who have so far sworn not to spend money (more) in ESO, wags with their credit cards and call proverbial Shut Up and Take My Money!. Here you will find a few of the voices from the community:

  • Hard-hand: I hate the concept of house guests … but I’ll buy the here damn again!
  • SunFlakie: I can not wait to play with him in the guild hall to play!
  • Lil_miss_funshine: It’s for me to see if the 10,000 crowns cost. He comes with me in the moonzuckeraue!
  • Olav_grey: I do not even have a house, but I’ll get him anyway!

Negative reactions are indeed rarely, only here and there microtransactions are generally criticized and User Estella_osoka would prefer it if M’aiq would have been the reward for a achievement, where one would have found and interviewed the cathedral khajiit to all his locations.

When is M’Aiq in the shop? M’aiq The liar will be available as a home guest for a limited time, from 9 to 23 September at 16 o’clock Mesz, on all platforms in the Kronen shop of ESO.

What will he cost? A price has not been specified yet, but if you look at the previous house guests, then cost between 800, 1,500 and 2,500 crowns. M’aiq will certainly play here in the top price range and probably cost about the 2,500 crowns. That would be about 17 euros.

Incidentally, M’aiq is not the only original home guest in ESO. Even the puke-ending cat Sereyne you could go to the house once.

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