Skyrim Fan finds horror secret of the north

INSANE SKYRIM THEORY - An Elder Scrolls Secret You May Not Know!
The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is not really a horror game. Finally, you can even the most terrifying creature easily eliminated with sword and magic. In Northern sky Sovngarde a fan encounters now but in a disturbing secret that first allowed him to doubt his sanity.

Skyrim: What’s the creepy secret of Sovngarde?

In Sovngarde the heroes of the Nords is promised an eternal party in the hall of valor. The mystical place in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is not only the venue for the final battle against the world-eater Alduin . The Reddit user Zevox90 now finds out that there is a disturbing power there, which always keeps the player close eye.

One of the salient features Sovngardes are the huge statues that are distributed throughout the landscape. While the player roams the eternal country, it is striking that the monuments have their own will. When he turns around, the statues appear to move. While he initially believed not to be able to believe his eyes, there is no doubt at the end of the video.

I’m not crazy am I? I might be paranoid but I swear to Talos thesis statues are moving … from skyrim

Who controls the scary statues?

At a grand staircase with several statues the horror feature is particularly striking. At first, they aimed their stone look even in the valley behind the player. After he goes up the stairs for a while staring at the wall, they have clearly turned completely and see him again right into your soul. In a moment Zevox90 caught one of the statues even when she wanted to move straight into position.

Many players must immediately think of the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who at the statues. Unlike the murderous angels North statues but could be controlled by good powers who want to watch the dragon’s blood in his fight against Alduin. In this case, they could behave a little less scary it quiet.

discovered a Skyrim fan, all eyes that the statues in the Northern sky judge Sovngarde always exactly the player . So it does not really stand the constant monitoring, but does move only if he just does not see.

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