Devs Sisters Cookie Run King

Devs Sisters (Joint Representative Lee Ji-hoon, Kim Jong-il) was developed by the Mobile RPG Cookie Run (Joint Representative Jeon Kyung Hyun, Lee Eunji).

Cookie Runs in the early year of the year from the second half of this year: Kingdom is making a total force to create a local expectation for the massive campaigns in Japan since September. In the first step, we apply a variety of marketing content to the game and apply for a popular voice-based voice content in Japan, which is popular in Japan for the voice actor and show them various marketing contents.

BEHIND THE SCENE | The Voices Behind Mobile Legends Heroes | Voice Lines | PART 1
In Japan’s Animation Naruto, Takeuchi, who was in Naruto, Naruto, and the Code Geass rebellion, was included in the list, including Fukuyama, who digested the state of Code Geass.

On the 28th, the Custard 3-year-old cookies, Madelen flavor cookies, and the voice of a voice actor who is responsible for the voice of the cucumber, the voice of the recording site, showed more fun of the recording site.

Fukuyama, who played the voice of the Madelen flavor cookie, said, The color and ambassador to be expressed in the game in the game are led to various emotions and impressions, said the Japanese User Cookie Run: I expect the voice and a variety of cookies to be in the sweet charm of various cookies.

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