Today there are 4 hours ESO on the Gamescom 2021 4 clock which expects you

Theelder Scrolls Online is also a big topic in the program of Gamescom 2021 by Bethesda this year. On August 29, the game developer dedicates the MMORPG entire 4 hours stream time. We introduce you to what awaits you that day.

As in the past year, this year’s Gamescom 2021 takes place digitally. On the official German Twitch channel of Bethesda Softworks has been streamed diligently since 26th August. But today, on August 29 from 16:00 clock, a big program to MMORPG ESO awaits you.

When is the ESO Stream going on? On August 29th at 4 pm, the stream starts with a review of the The World Plays ESO event (short: Twe). This is a two-month streaming event from June 22 to August 22, 2021. During the event, you can discover everything in various streams of the participants, which ESO has to offer.

Which topics do you expect in the ESO stream?

In the first hour goes to the TWPE event. At 5 pm, the current update 31 Waking Flame is discussed. In particular, it is about the narrative of the gates of Oblivion, which began with the update 29 Flames of Ambition and continued with the chapter Blackwood.

Housing fans watched! Because at 6 pm we continue with a Housing competition of the ESO community. And here you are asked, because everyone can participate. Builds your own booth or your own trade fair, suitable for the GamesCom theme.

Until the stream start at 16 o’clock you can apply with your Housing work. With a little luck you may then be one of possible three winners. These are elected in the stream of the Yuri, consisting of the ESO players Lasuu, Fufuns and Miezemelli.

ESO Solo Gameplay (The Elder Scrolls Online Skyrim)
What getting the winners of the Housing Competition? The winner is waiting for a Mehrunes Dagon Premium Bundle & Bodypillow. The Premium Bundle consists of a statue of Mehrunes Dagon, a blackwood poster and an ambition sign (coin in bronze look).

How to apply? You have to register today with your account and home name at Bethesda ([email protected], subject: Gamescom Housing) or the jury members. The jury members can be reached in different ways:

Jury member: Lasuu

  • Twitter (Lasuu)
  • Instagram (Lasuu)
  • Discord (Lasuu)

Jury member: Fufuns

  • Twitter (Fufuns)
  • Facebook (Fufuns)
  • Discord (Fufuns)

Jury member: Miezemello

  • Twitter (Miezemello)

  • Instagram (Miezemello)
  • Discord (Miezemello)

At graduation (19:00 to 20:00), there are still live music with Saltatio Mortis singer Aleea.

What does your Sunday evening planning look like? Do you turn the stream tonight? Can you even quickly build a booth in the Housing of ESO? In the article ESO: Houses list – prices and locations of all buildings in the game you will find some houses that you can acquire in ESO.

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