The series not more heroes has officially finished

After years of anticipation by many fans, no more heroes 3 finally released in Nintendo Switch this week, which brings the so-requested third installment of the main line of the action series and adventures. And while this release may seem one that would boost a new series of titles of no more heroes that will arrive in the coming years, the creator of the franchise has now let know that no more games will occur.

Coinciding with the launch of no more heroes 3, the famous Director Goichi Suda51 Suda went to social networks to share a message with the fans about the state of the series. Specifically, Suda made it clear that no more heroes 3 mark the official final of the franchise. When a trip ends, the crimson bicycle falls into a deep sleep, Suda said in a message on Twitter. Goodbye, Travis, goodbye, no more heroes.

All Marvel HERO Deaths But Mmm Whatcha Say

For all fans …
Here is a special message about our launch No more Heroes 3 of Suda51 @ Suda_51!
We sincerely hope you enjoy not more heroes 3. # NMH3 # nomoreoes3 #travistouchdown # SkippingFabrication

  • No more Heroes III-Official-GHM (@ NMH3_GHM) August 27, 2021

In general, many fans in response did not seem too surprised by this Suda announcement. Even though some were sad to see that no heroes more officially would continue, others seemed to infer that no more heroes 3 could end up being the final entrance of the series even before its launch. In response, several fanatics thanked Suda and Grasshopper team manufacture for creating this beloved series first.

If you are looking for playing the series not more heroes for yourself, the entire franchise is now available to experience in Nintendo Switch. And if you are someone who simply seeks to jump directly to no more heroes 3, you can check our review of the last delivery of the franchise here.

What do you think there is no heroes to come to an end? And have you had the opportunity to play no more heroes 3 for you yet? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter in @ mooreman12.

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