Talented Cosplayer of Life to Overwatch 2 Tracer

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While there has been many cosplays based on the characters of the Blizzard Heroes Shooter, a fan captures the appearance of overwatch 2 tracer.

Overwatch 2 Apparently is still far away, although when you arrive, all members of the Heroes List will look completely new. The mascot of the franchise, tracer, is not different, and a cosplayer has apparently chosen mixing and combining pieces of the original appearance of the hero with the updated elements that are seen in its Redesign of Overwatch 2.

While some Redesigns of Overwatch 2 heroes are extreme, such as Widowmaker and Genji, others are much more subtle. Tracer is one of the heroes with some less obvious changes, which makes sense given how recognizable he is the traveler of the pointy hair time. Together with some elegant shoes in the sequel, the tracer pants have a new look, although the same orange tones are used. His wristbands are thinner, without the pointed end, while the chronic accelerator of him is also a bit more elegant. Finally, he looks like another color jacket and fully orange glasses.

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