In July the indees took power on Steam

As every month, Valve unveiled the list of novelties that have met the most success on Steam. This palmare group brings together the best new outings based on turnover achieved during the first 2 weeks after launching. Valve publishing games in disorder, this ranking has been arranged by us according to the number of assessments.

It is often the case in the heart of the summer, but the big productions have been able to leave the place to independent novelties. In this register, the winners of the month are named The Ascent and Tribes of Midgar , first games of their respective studios, but also Mini Motorways who had already made followers in the subscription Apple Arcade before landing on Steam. Let’s not forget Death’s Door who also distinguished itself in a very good way.

The only big title to disturb the tranquility of the little ones is none other than Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin , which took advantage of the popularity of the Monster Hunter license on Steam. By contrast, the exit of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles has been more discreet, but the narrative game is present just like the three games Final Fantasy from the Pixel Remaster range, the YS IX * * from Falcom and the Samurai Warriors 5 ** of Koei Tecmo.

If they do not count in the list below, Note that Hell Let Loose and Chernobylite are also out of early access in July. The FPS published by TEAM17 has also seen a great success and has more than 31,000 evaluations (85% positive) since 6 June 2019.

The best releases of July 2021 on Steam

This ranking brings together the novelties of June having realized the best turnover during the first 2 weeks after their release. The order has been arranged by us according to the number of evaluations._

The Ascent \ – Curve Digital | 7,621 Reviews (77% positive)
Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin \ – Capcom | 7,142 Ratings (77% positive)
Tribes of Midgard \ – GearBox | 6,934 Reviews (77% positive)
MINI MOTORWAYS \ – Dinosaur Polo Club | 5,983 Reviews (95% positive)
F1 2021 \ – Codemasters | 5,364 evaluations (84% positive)
STARBASE \ – Frozenbyte | 3,983 Ratings (70% positive)
Death’s Door \ – Devolver Digital | 3,828 ratings (94% positive)
ORCS MUST DIE 3! \ – Robot Entertainment | 3,375 Reviews (83% positive)
Swords of Legends Online \ – GameForge | 3,301 Reviews (74% positive)
GHOST HUNTERS CORP \ – STUDIOGOUPIL | 2,503 Ratings (74% positive)
FINAL FANTASY \ – Square Enix | 1,815 Reviews (92% positive)
WARHAMMER 40,000: BATTLEECTOR \ – SLITHERINE | 1,131 Reviews (91% positive)
THE GREAT ACE ATTORNEY CHRONICLES \ – CAPCOM | 689 evaluations (95% positive)
YS IX: Monsstrum NOX \ – Falcom | 567 evaluations (95% positive)
FINAL FANTASY III \ – SQUARE ENIX | 554 Ratings (93% positive)
Samurai Warriors 5 \ – Koei Tecmo | 485 Ratings (83% positive)
FINAL FANTASY II \ – SQUARE ENIX | 482 Ratings (77% positive)

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