Em Game Battle Stead Gunma Steam Early Access Version

An enormously multiplayer online video game (MMOG, or more commonly, MMO) is an on the internet game with lots of players, usually hundreds or thousands, on the same server. MMOs generally feature a big, relentless open globe, although there are games that differ. These video games can be found for a lot of network-capable systems, consisting of the personal computer system, video game console, or smart devices as well as other smart phones.
MMOs can allow players to comply and take on each various other on a big range, as well as in some cases to connect meaningfully with people around the world. They consist of a variety of gameplay types, standing for several computer game styles.

[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] Em Games (Representative Kwon) is a self-developed online shooter game ‘Battle Stead: Battle Steed: Gunma’ Steam Early Access (Battle Steed: Gunma) announced on 26 days to start.

Battle stood: The Gunma is a Mecani 3-person shooting (TPS) game that is implemented as Unreal Engine 4 (TPS) games, to enjoy robot combat with users and six-to-six teams.

Control the huge mechanic (robot) to cooperate with the same team to occupy the basis of the battle area, collect the resources, and collect various victory missions. Strategic combat for mode is also possible.

The prohibition version will release eight gases that have their own characteristics. Battle stood: You can enjoy strategic battle of the giant by the combination of the character attribute and the skill effect.

After a plan to disclose two gases, it is possible to play play with a total of 10 gases during the proximity period. In combat mode, ‘grid mode’ and ‘occupation mode’ are presented, and early access sales are 26,000 won.

Kim Yong-jun, The head of the company is a platform for entering the global market, the trend that is increasing in domestic companies that utilize steam proximity to advance to the global market. I said.

It is said that We will continue to build the feedback of global users during the proximal period to reliably release the formal version, he said, He said, He wants to contribute to popularizing the Mechanic of Mechanics, Mania genre.

Battle Steed: The Gunma is aiming for formal launches in the early year, and plans to communicate with gamers through steam communities and twitches during the proximal period.

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